Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear god*

- God -
Please .. take me wth u.
take all off my fucking life.
and, take all off my fucking breath.

Why you send my soul to him?
I can spend my life wth fucking place
but, i can't spend my life with somebody, who can killing me when i'm breath.

He can make me feel breath one's last when i'm alive!!
He destroyed my mind slowly.
and always make me crazy!!
My feel so angry,annoy,guilty n' worst more.. in the same breath.

How many my sin sir? i know u can't count it rite?
it's too much!!

I try to treat him but, my patient hav limit.
Could u see my merit sir?
could u see that's! the girl is persevering for her stranger dad!!!
She endeavour in several several n' several times.

Now .. I'm give up!!
no more utterance.
no more worst-doing.
remain only duty n' gratitude.

When i can go wth u sir?
What about place for me?
infernal region or paradise.
- Pa -


  1. Definitely, some powerful stuff. I'm glad you've got a place to get out there. To express yourself.

    All the best on your creativity.

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  3. Ditto, very powerful. I hope you eventually come to terms with your dad. Using your creativity like this, I know, will help you in this.


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