Saturday, November 6, 2010

051110 Credit by KAIWAN TEANNGAM n' Write For 071110 HAPPY ANS 3 MONTHS ♥Pp*

Say hi! my bloggggggggggg!!!!
Dnt touch u for long long times.
My life was changed ..
Smo say bye! while, smo say hi!
Ma heart hav been broke .. I'm tried.
But, nowaday .. :)

First of all,
Tmr is ma anniversary 3 months between Peng n' Me :)
I wanna surprise him by this page on my blog.

His name is "PENG"
He color ma life.
He gave me breath.
He gave me warmth.
He treat ma lesion.
He shake ma heart.

Ummmm .. i dnt know what i should say?

Not deny that the past is time to feel bad pain in return.
It is nomally that every couple must meet.
But, same as u said .. if we both help each other cross over it.
In the future, if we both hav to meet the more difficult than this time.
We'll go through it as well.

เพ้ง .. ขอบคุณสำหรับคำว่า "อดทน"

The last word "YOU COMPLETED ME"
Do u remember? keep the word .. I YOU
*:)) )

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